2019 Cartwheel-A-Thon

October 26 is the Cartwheel-A-Thon! Make a donation to your favorite Star Center gymnast! 100% of the money you raise helps with your gymnast’s competition fees.

If you’d like to sponsor a gymnast via PayPal, our PayPal address is scgboosterclub@gmail.com. To avoid processing fees, send your donation to a “friend/family” and pay via your bank account. You can also go directly to our PayPal account, and a 3% processing fee will be deducted from your total amount. *Please add gymnast’s name in the notes.

 How it works:

  1. Gymnasts collect pledges. Use the Cartwheel-a-thon Pledge Form to collect pledges from friends and family. People can pledge any dollar amount per cartwheel (or they may make a flat donation). It is up to you whether you collect the pledged money before or after the event.
  2. Come to the gym on October 6 and do cartwheels!  On the day of the Cartwheel-a-thon, your gymnast comes to the gym and performs his cartwheels (we usually limit the boys to 100 cartwheels). So if someone pledges $0.25 per cartwheel and your gymnast does 100 cartwheels, then that person donates $25.00.
  3. Celebrate cartwheels completed and collect any money due. Let everyone who donated know the Cartwheel-a-thon was a success! All money raised is used to pay your son’s competition fees for the season.

Donations can be made via check or PayPal. Make check payable to Star Center Gymnastics (SCG) Booster Club and include gymnast’s name in the memo. If using PayPal, the amount paid (minus any PayPal fees) will be credited to your son’s account. Use the PayPal button below, include the gymnast’s name in the notes, and hit the “Donate Now” button to be directed to the Booster Club PayPal account. Double check you’re donating to a non-profit or friend so there isn’t a processing fee. Direct your friends and family to the Booster Club website or share a link to this page!