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All season fees payments are due on the dates designated on the payment schedule. All fees must be paid in full by the date specified. Gymnasts will NOT be registered to compete in any meets if fees have not been paid by posted deadlines.

Payment options

  • Check payable to Star Center Gymnastics Booster Club (or SCGBC)
  • PayPal – payments made via PayPal will have the PayPal fee deducted from the payment and only the remaining amount will be credited to the gymnast’s account. The fee rate is 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.

Cash CANNOT be accepted at any time. If you leave cash payments at the Star Center front desk OR if you make cash payments directly to the Booster Club Treasurer, you assume all responsibility for any missing or lost payments.

Refund Policy

The season fees are determined prior to the onset of the competition season based on the meet schedule proposed by the team director/head coach and the anticipated number of gymnasts on the team.

Once a gymnast has committed to compete with the team, refunds cannot be given for any of the following:

  • Booster Club dues-collected per family. Membership entitles family to participate in Booster Club fundraisers and qualifies gymnast for subsidy of coaches’ fees.
  • USAG fee-annual registration fee required by USA Gymnastics, which allows athletes to compete in USAG sanctioned events.
  • Uniform fee-entitles gymnast to use the Star Center uniform for the season (one-time fee)
  • Warm-ups fee-warm-ups must be purchased by each gymnast. The Booster Club if needed, may purchase used uniforms in like new condition from members leaving the team.
  • Gym bag fee- covers the cost of the gym bag. Embroidery of gymnast’s name and Star Center logo provided as benefit of Booster Club membership.
  • Coaches fees

Meet entry fees – Refunds for meet entry fees will only be provided at the discretion of the coaches and then ONLY in cases in which the entry fee for that gymnast has either 1) not been submitted to the meet or 2) has been fully refunded by the meet. If your son will NOT be attending a meet, it is your responsibility to inform the coaches.

Uniforms are the property of the Booster Club and must be returned once a gymnast leaves the team.

Explanation of Fees

  • Meet entry fees – cover the entry fees for each meet attended during the season
  • Coaches’ fees – cover payments made to the coaches for their time coaching the boys at the meets, including travel expenses. These fees are subsidized by the Booster Club from our annual Star Center Invitational meet fundraiser as a benefit of Booster Club membership.

By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the policies outlined above. Parents must submit a signed policy agreement for EACH gymnast who will be competing.


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