The Booster Club was started years ago to help support the boys’ competitive gymnastics team. The club makes efforts to provide a subsidy for the season competition fees, fundraising opportunities to help parents with fees, and provides necessary support for the Star Center Invitational Meet held each season. In addition to the monetary benefits the Booster Club provides, it also helps build relationships among the team families.  Competition team boys families are strongly encouraged  to join the Star Center Gymnastics Booster club and attend the meetings to give your input on the use of the funds raised. Booster Club annual dues are $50 per family. Membership to the booster club entitles you to subsidy of competition fees, fundraisers and  many other benefits.  The Booster Club holds its annual meeting in September and other meetings are held as needed throughout the season.

Each year Star Center Gymnastics Booster Club hosts the Star Center Invitational. This meet is very profitable for the booster club and the team parents play an important role in making the meet a success. Parents help by  gaining corporate sponsors, selling t-shirts, organizing concessions, programs, and providing the volunteers necessary to staff the meet. The funds raised are used to help offset the coaches’ fees, pay for travel fees for out of town meets for coaches, provide meet fees for state or regional competitions,  and organize clinics, team social events, coaches conferences, etc.  What are your talents? We would love for you to help out in any way you can for the Star Center Invitational!

Be sure to refer to this website for more information about the booster club, payment schedules for meet fees, updates on practice times, and other events.  If you have any questions, you can reach us by email at:

We hope your son has a wonderful competitive experience this year. Please know that the members are full of knowledge about this sport and are available and happy to talk to you about their experiences.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of us if you have any questions.

Star Center Gymnastics Booster Club

Anita Mitchell, President
Julie Beggs, Secretary
Tracy Romero, Treasurer
Brooke Bhattacharya, Team Rep

Vice- President:  Vacant until filled